Something is always cooking…

We continue to develop a broad pipeline of clinical tools, as we drive towards our mission of AI based radiology.

Our engineers are developing algorithms to detect findings on plain radiography (X-Rays), Mammography, Head CTs, MRI and more. These will be added to our Imaging Analytics engine, that will grow to become a comprehensive analysis tool, empowering radiologists to deliver better care.

Detection of malignant breast lesions

brainDetection of acute brain bleeds

Measuring risk for pulmonary hypertension

Measuring risk for aortic aneurysms

Detection of a broad array of chest X-ray findings

Detection of lung nodules in chest CTs

All these, and future algorithms will become part of the AI1 package, delivering on Zebra’s promise of affordable care for everyone at $1 per scan – and providing an ever growing value for our Analytics offering.