Research Platform



Focus on what’s important – pure research. No need to spend months or years gathering data, building and maintaining an IT and computing infrastructure or worrying about storage costs.

Our platform provides access to millions of anonymized, indexed patient imaging studies, reports and associated clinical information. It is highly flexible, allowing development in all major computer vision and machine learning tools, fully web based and fosters collaboration, with full security and privacy features.

Academic Institutions and Researchers

  • Reduce research times and cost, easily collaborate
  • Tie imaging to clinical outcome data for advanced research


Big Pharma & CROs

  • Tie multiple clinical trial data streams into a single, integrated research platform
  • Explore imaging biomarkers


Machine Learning and Computer Vision Startups

  • Thinking of creating the next great machine learning algorithm?
  • Come explore our platform, and then deploy to thousands of hospitals through our analytics platform



Our Research Platform is in private beta. Sign up to try it out